Saturday, April 28, 2012

I'm a dreamer

I have often wandered what my dreams mean, do they come from a fear, desire or from the creative part of my brain. There are tons of books or sites that will tell you what your dream meant, but can a dream just be a dream?

Lately all I dream about is food, I then wake up and crave the food I have dreamt about. Now do I have some sort of fear or obsession with food, does food represent something else? Or is it simply because I am three months pregnant and hungry all the time?
Thankfully my dream food cravings have all been very healthy; like berries, Greek salad, tomato sandwiches, v8 or fajitas. I think my cravings have actually made me eat healthier then I did before I started dream craving lol. I thankfully have yet to have a weird or crazy mixture craving like i've heard so much about, so far my food groups remain separate lol. Oddly enough meat seams to be the only thing that i've periodically had aversions to, I normally could live off of meat, every once in a while I will think about what to make or walk past the butcher section of the grocery store and get completely turned off, however this normally only last a day or so and I'm back to normal.
This has been a new occurrence in my pregnancy, id say within the past few weeks. I've heard about pregnancy cravings before but never ones that came in a dream…lol  Maybe it's the babies way of telling me its hungry even when I'm sleeping or my brain planning out my next days menu. Either way I am finding this comical and interesting, going with the flow and seeing where it takes me.
So while everyone else dreams of work, some sexy actor or monsters, I will be in food dream land with piles of strawberries or big platters of Lone Star Fajitas all around me. MMMM I think my dreams are better…lol What will you dream of tonight?
Lotsa Love,

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